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Why You Should Convert Your VHS Videos To DVD

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Many families have precious moments (such as weddings or birthday parties) that were captured on VHS tapes. You may be wondering why you should take the trouble to convert those VHS tapes to DVD format. This article discusses some reasons why you should convert your VHS tapes to DVD format.

VHS Video Tapes Are Bulky

Today, space costs a premium and with families moving from one home to another every few years, it is necessary to avoid having bulky items among your belongings. A smart way to reduce the space that you need to store your recorded precious moments is to have them in DVD format. Digital information requires limited space, unlike analog information that needs plenty of space. That is why DVDs drastically reduce how much space you need to store all your videos.

VHS Videos Quickly Deteriorate

VHS tapes easily succumb to high levels of humidity or temperature, so it is very easy to lose the information recorded on those tapes. Analog tapes, such as VHS tapes, have moving parts onto which the rolls of tape revolve. Those moving parts break with time and that ruins the whole tape. The quality of the pictures or sounds on VHS tapes also gets worse with time. That is why it is wise for you to convert your VHS videos to DVD, so that you can be sure that the information will be available for generations to come. This is because DVDs have a longer lifespan than VHS videos and their quality remains the same, unlike VHS videos.

VHS Technology Is Obsolete

Technology in the "videography" sector has been growing in leaps and bounds, and that is why VHS tapes are now outdated. It is becoming harder to buy video players that accommodate VHS tapes. A time may come when you will no longer be able to play your VHS tapes simply because you cannot find a device into which you can insert and play them. It is for this reason that you should have all your VHS videos converted to DVDs. DVDs are digital so they can be compatible with any new technology that improves on the current video recording options, such as the DVD.

You can do the conversion yourself (if you have a camcorder that has a DVD recorder) or you can take it to a professional. Either way, you will be sure that your precious recordings have been put onto a medium that will last for a long time. For more information, contact a company like Edit 1 Video Productions Pty Ltd.